Die Cast Rotor Process

  • After stamping, rotor laminations are steam blued.
  • This process relieves stresses developed in lamination during punching operation and also gives it a bluish anti-corrosive coating.
  • Also, it removes moisture and oil from surface.
    • KPML manufactures die cast rotors to a variety of customer specifications. We have both horizontal and vertical die casting machines available with us.
    • We offer a wide range of die cast rotors, manufactured from single and multiple cavity dies on cold high pressure die-casting machines of capacity 120 MT, 180 MT & 250 MT.
    • We have a capacity to produce over One lac rotors per month.
    • Rotors from 45 mm to 150 mm diameter and core length 25 mm to 240 mm are die casted.
    • Close monitoring of our furnaces ensures high quality molten metal, which translates to both high conductivity & tight control of porosity.
    • After die-casting, Rotor ID Broaching, OD Chamfering operations are done.
    • Adequate facilities for precision machining of rotors are available.
    • Lathes, CNC, Broaching, Grinding machines produce components with precise dimensions & control better finish.
    • Capabilities include shaft installation & broaching.
    • A vertical broaching machine is also available to finish shaft bore diameters to desired tolerances.
    • This provides a completed sub-assembly that only needs balancing at the customers end.